With an unparalleled commitment to success, we leverage our nationwide contracting network to provide seamless solutions that ensure a comfortable heating and cooling environment at our commercial facilities, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Imagine The Perfect Retail Environment:
Your customers shopping in total comfort, your sales personnel concentrating on their needs, and your cash registers pounding out record-breaking transactions. All too often unfortunately, millions of sales dollars are lost due to uncomfortable store conditions and a staff that’s too busy solving heating or air conditioning, than selling and providing proper service to your customers.

Help where and when you need it.
Whether you’re in Bangor, Maine, Honolulu, Hawaii, or anywhere in between, IMPACT SERVICE GROUP delivers the consistency and professionalism that you deserve. And, with all billing generated directly to you from our corporate headquarters, all your transactions can be handled expeditiously and efficiently, in one convenient format. With IMPACT SERVICE GROUP, access to your equipment inventory, repair history, current status of open issues, warranty information and financial data are all just a phone call away.

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